Diva Synthwave Vol. 1 //

22 Synth - 16 Bass - 10 FX - 16 Pads

64 Premium Quality Presets

Synth: U-He Diva

Type: Soundset

INFLUENCE: Droid Bishop, Dynatron, Lazerhawk and more.



Mod-Wheel Moments

Extensive mod-wheel utilisation on each sound enables quick and creative sound alteration

Classic and Modern

Combination of classic and modern modules and programming brings you sounds of tomorrow with a nod to the 80's

Organic Sounding

Accurate modelling of classic synth architecture means big rich organic tones.


We've maximised the possibilities to draw out some truly inspiring sounds

Additional information

All main synth sounds (Pads, Bass, Leads, Plucks) are part of the sound pack. Some supporting FX, drums and percussion used in the audio demo, these are not part of the soundset.

Whilst every effort has been made to minimise variances in sound some sounds may be audibly different to examples 

this is due to differences in audio engines, summing algorithms, playback environment and listening equipment.

Product is for download version, electronically delivered only. No 'physical' products will be delivered.

All images and melodies are copyright of their respective owners and are used for illustrative and education purposes only.

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