Frequently Asked Questions //

  • How is my order delivered?

    • After completion of payment you'll be presented with a download link of your new products for download. A Copy of these links will also be emailed to you for convenience. ​

  • I lost my products, the download link has expired do I need to rebuy them?

    • No, please just get in touch and we'll get you back up and running.​

  • Why don't I see sales or deals from you?

    • We don't believe in rotation of marketing tactics like sales or special deals as it undermines both any previous purchases customers have made and also our product value. However this means we can price our products fairer than our competitors can whilst also maintaining a more consistent pricing structure for our customers. 

  • Can I use your sounds to sell in my own pack?

    • No, the license agreement prohibits this however if you would like to license our sounds for use outside of the license agreement then please get in touch and we can help.

  • Can I use your sounds in commercial releases?

    • Yes the license agreement extends to use of our sounds in any commercial compositions (not resell) of your own as long as you purchased the sounds from us.

  • Where else can I buy your sounds?

    • No-where. We sell exclusively via our site and you won't find us on any preset or sample aggregate and compilation sites.

  • Where else can I FIND your sounds?

    • We work with a number of synth manufacturers and developers providing factory sounds across a broad range of synths and sound devices however commercial sensitively prevents us from disclosing specifically who else we work with.​

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