Over 60% Musicians Own Multiple DAWs'

Daw overload? Or just good sense?

A recent poll [May 2018] at popular music production forum KVR found that of 138 musicians polled over 60% confirmed owning more than one DAW.

Reasons were varied such as some musicians progressing through the chain of software as they advance through their experience but keeping hold of their original daws "just in case" to users wanting maximum choice which is not currently fulfilled by just one daw to other musicians using a daw per function depending on workflow such as "Live for composition and Pro Tools for editing audio and mixing, when it came to my own projects. "

Some musicians stated that too much choice and option overload in todays Digital Audio Workstation world was partly their reason for owning many :"Part of the problem is that all the main DAW's are so good that finding the one and only DAW is not so easy."

Whatever the reasons and regardless of your experience be it hobby, amateur to professional it's clear the majority of musicians rely on more than one option to fulfil their DAW host needs.


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