The Top Chillwave Producer Resources and Samples

Updated: Feb 5

As a Chillwave producer it's often hard to find good quality Chillwave resources as they are either mislabelled as Synthwave or such or (unintentionally!) low quality

So we've compiled the top free and commercial resources available.

Given the niche good quality FREE content is even harder to find so if you know of any high quality free Chillwave content let me know and I'll check it out and post it here.

The Best Free Chillwave Resources

Looperman - Tagged Chillwave

Just need to register for D/L

OST Audio Chillwave Sample Pack


The Best Commercial Chillwave Presets

Chillwave Vol. 1 for Repro-5 by SOUND7

Colours V1 For Massive by ADSR

Serum Chillwave for Serum by Speaker Feature

Surprisingly authentic sounding considering Serums inherently sterile characteristics

Have fun.

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