Synthwave Vol. 1 for U-he Diva


64 Premium Diva Presets Includes


  • 22 Synthwave Leads
  • 16 Bass Sounds
  • 10 FX Synthwave FX
  • 16 Pads Retro Pads


Only the freshests fusion of Synthwave and 80s presets are present in this pack!


Mod-Wheel Moments

Extensive mod-wheel utilisation on each sound enables quick and creative sound alteration


Classic and Modern

Combination of classic and modern modules and programming brings you sounds of tomorrow with a nod to the 80's


Organic Sounding

Accurate modelling of classic synth architecture means big rich organic tones. 

We've maximised the possibilities to draw out some truly inspiring sounds

Diva Synthwave Vol. 1

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