Progressive Toolkit Sample Pack

Format: Wave 44khz / 24Bit

Type: Sample Pack

INFLUENCE: Progressive Trance, Progressive House



Total Purity

Delivered in 24 Bit and and absolutely no recycled content.

Pure Creation

Created with a variety of synthesis and sample synthesis. Nothing 'pulled' from commercial tracks like some Sample CD's

Production Ready

All key sample levels set to around -0.3dB. After extensive testing we found this to be the sweet spot for avoiding initial clipping when placed in the mix with other sounds.   

What's In The Sample Pack?

Over 500 individual Wav samples.

Created specifically to cover all areas of Trance production this sample pack includes everything you need to serve as the backbone of your Progressive Trance productions.

We've maintained a clear emphasis on quality over quantity.  Ensuring each sound stands on its own merit.

50 Kicks

30 Claps

30 Snares

25 Hi-Hats

25 Open Hats

25 Ride Hats

25 Percussion Noises

15 Toms

25 Hi Hat Loops

25 Percussion Loops

15 Loop Shadows

62 Bassline Loops

22 Synth Line FX

15 ARP Loops

20 Micro Sweeps

20 Reverb Drops

10 Snare Rolls

30 Riser / Down FX

15 Crash

Additional information

All sounds are part of the sample pack. Some FX (Reverb, delay, EQ, Compression) are used in the audio demo to give an example of 'in production' use.

Whilst every effort has been made to minimise variances in sound some sounds may be audibly different to examples 

this is due to differences in audio engines, summing algorithms, playback environment and listening equipment.

Product is for download version, electronically delivered only. No 'physical' products will be delivered.

All images and melodies are copyright of their respective owners and are used for illustrative and education purposes only.

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